Advanced Diploma in Counselling Supervision (NCS Accredited)

I am delighted to be able to offer clinical supervision to both trainee and fully qualified experienced counsellors and other healthcare professionals.

“Supervision is a working alliance between a supervisor and a counsellor in which the counsellor can offer an account of her/his work; reflect on it; receive feedback and where appropriate, guidance. The object of this alliance is to enable the counsellor to gain in ethical competence, confidence, compassion and creativity so as to give her/his best service to her/his client”   (Inskipp & Proctor:1995) 

 This definition emphasises the working alliance between the counsellor and supervisor.

My aim as a supervisor is to provide an atmosphere where you can review your counselling work, both the successful sessions and where you have struggled.  We can learn more about the work, the client, yourself and your future development as a counsellor.  We can do this by forming a supportive relationship which is non-judgmental and appropriately challenging when necessary, in order to promote your professional growth.

Supervision can be either individual or in small groups by arrangement, and does not have to be limited specifically to counsellors.

Counselling Students

I am experienced in working with counsellors who are at the beginning of their counselling training and placement experience, and understand that trainees have variable supervisory needs at different levels of development.  I ensure that I am working within the supervisee’s level of competence together with appropriate support and encouragement, and sufficient gentle challenge to encourage growth in their practice.

Qualified Counsellors

I work with qualified counsellors at different levels of competence and training.   I aim to address the changing needs of the counsellor in supervision.

Healthcare Professionals

Other healthcare professionals are welcome to contact me to discuss whether my supervision models are appropriate for their needs.

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