Covid 19 has meant that many therapists switched to online working after March 2020.

  • Video conferencing allows us to meet face to face but in our own rooms.
  • You save on travelling times and costs and don’t have to worry about parking.
  • I use a specialist service called Isosconnect for on screen work. Once we have agreed a time and date, I email you a link where one click takes you straight into a meeting with me online. You don’t need to download software to download or set up an account. Data is triple encrypted and hosted on UK servers for GDPR compliance.
  • Like all Counselling, online work is confidential.
  • Online Counselling has become a very ordinary way for people to access professional therapy.
  • Counselling becomes international – you can speak with me from another country, as well as from anywhere in the UK. Please note I abide by UK laws.